Aquarius Signs

Aquarius are loyal and have a pleasing personality. They are curious and careful about their decisions which involve their lives. They are honest and hardworking people full of enthusiasm which make them likeable to others. They are sociable and are broad-minded. They are popular amongst their peers.

Aquarius Negative Positives Points:

Aquarius often dwell in their past and are sometimes impractical and stubborn about their approach. They exhibit mood swings and often become nervous when others don’t agree with their opinions. They are cold and detached and do not display affection to their companions.They are easily distracted and irritate acting quite eccentrically with lack of common sense.

Aquarius Zodiac Personality:

Aquarius has a forward thinking attitude often intellectual and unconventional in their approach. They are independent by nature and are mostly innovators always exploring new ideas and perspectives. They are stubborn and always give due respect to their intuitions. They hate routine and anything that has to do with predictability.They do not form any prejudice and hear the point of view of others. They are known to be frank and outspoken.

Aquarius in friendship:

Aquarians are social but they do not develop close friendships easily. They tread very cautiously when it comes to forming friendships. But once close friends they last a lifetime.Aquarius have high regards for their friends and even respect their opinions. They prefer friends who are truthful, creative and intellectually inclined. Those who know them personally will be surprised to find a friend who not only goes the extra mile but would even be willing to sacrifice their ambitions for them.

Aquarius in relationship:

Aquarius are versatile and ingenious with respect to relationships. They are passionate about their partners. They have no restrictions and would love to live their life at its fullest and expect the same from their partner. They are committed to relationships and put a lot of interest and attention in making them work.

Aquarius in professional life:

Aquarius are enthusiastic in their work and enjoy aspects which attribute expression. Their creativity and intelligence enables them to undertake lateral thinking jobs that involve concept development with suitable careers in teaching, writing, acting, piloting or photography. They perform with minimal guidelines,lots of creative liberty and enjoy working where there is a no holds barred policy.They mix easily with people making them excellent politicians and social workers.

How to attract the Aquarius person:

Aquarius believe in integrity, sincerity and ingenuity are always in lookout for people with such outlook and personality. Aquarians would definitely prefer a partner who appreciates frankness and one who is not afraid to take risks. They are attracted by active and unpredictable person who can keep them guessing. They hate niggers or complainers so keep the talk positive and interesting. One must be open to communication with them in order to ensure a lasting and fulfilling relationship with Aquarius.