Astrology and Spirituality

Astrology has the potential to make people happy and we believe in it, only if more people can open their eyes and mind to this art of science. It helps you be aware of your relationships and make well-informed decisions.

Astrology s is based on the study of planetary positions and their effects on human lives and nature. It roots are entrenched in the belief that astronomical events have significant impacts on a person’s life. A human body can be classified into seven spiritual centers. They are endocrine glands, popularly known as “chakras” in the East. They affect the emotion and motivation of a person and shape his personality.

Astrology defines methods and tools to positively affect these centers of consciousness and help a person advance on the path of spirituality. In the so-called circle of life, both spirituality and astrology are connected with the same thread called destiny.

Astrology certainly has a very important role to play in a person’s life. When it comes to spirituality, the knowledge of astrology can certainly help a person to fulfil his or her destiny and progress on the path of spiritual oneness.