Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer and Aquarius compatibility

The match between cancer and Aquarius is very interesting.  Both the couple has to change for each other to enjoy better relation.  The match between these zodiac signs does not happen instantly. Aquarius look for someone who is who can match them at mental level. Cancer’s feels that love is instinctive reaction. Cancer’s emotional feelings would override power of logic. Though there basic mismatch between the couple at emotional level, there is something that keeps the couple together and their compatibility is calculated based on these factors.  

Both the zodiac sings are good at caring, this common trait draws the couple together in the first place. Cancer can do anything for protecting their loved ones where as Aquarius can ignore loved ones for performing good tasks for unprivileged. The best part is neither of the partners    will demand selfish attention from others.

The challenges in the relation may happen due to cancers over possessiveness and acquires desire for independence. Cancer wants to stay updated with minute to minute happenings in cancer’s life where as cancer cannot accept this. This is juncture where problems between cancer and Aquarius crop up. Cancer should learn not to suffocate their partner with emotional bonding. Aquarius should also compromise his detachment.

The two partners cancer and Aquarius are ambitious and both love to get on their own way without conflict. They have different approaches towards life when they can accept both have much to learn from the other, both have good cooperation and can succeed as team.

Cancer and Aquarius friendship compatibility

The friendship between two opposite signs cancer and Aquarius could be successful though they have different approaches towards life. Aquarius has modern outlook towards life where as cancer has sensitive approach. Both of them should merge their qualities in productive way so that they can enjoy successful friendship.

Though cancer is highly fascinated with Aquarius, they will have difficulty in understanding them. Aquarius will not be able to appreciate possessiveness of cancer but, will great support here.  Cancer is very touchy and sensitive and will stay reserved but Aquarius is friendly and energetic while handling with the people. They can work with double strength

Cancer man and Aquarius women    

Cancer man and Aquarius woman have many things in common. Both have different approaches towards life. It is difficult for them to understand each other; both will live in their own worlds even when they form a union. This is a sensitive couple and has different ways of showing it. The gentle soul of cancer man easily gets attracted to kind Aquarius women. Cancer man is very sensitive inside , the relation between two will betray when Aquarius woman takes her cancer man granted and play with his trust.

Cancer woman and Aquarius man

The union between Aquarius man and cancer women does not show up high compatibility in the astrology chart but, they can make a good couple indeed. Cancer women experiences their love on the emotional level and Aquarius man feels at mental level. The trick of strengthens the bond between two is cancer women has to learn the trick that makes Aquarius man stick to bond.