Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn compatibility

Very successful and secure connection can be established between cancer and Capricorn. Cancer persistence is always loved by Capricorn and Cancer is always attracted by Capricorn dedication. Though these two sings from opposite sides of the zodiac chart, they will create a successful connection when they come together.  The relation between the couple has a strong bond of emotional security. Capricorn is good at providing emotional anchor to the family and cancer natures the family.  They have good balance of qualities in life. One can provide clarity that is lacking in others.

Cancer is emotional in nature and Capricorn is practical and logical in nature. The family will enjoy best in both worlds when the people with these zodiac signs pair up. The relation between cancer and Capricorn will last for long time because both of them are very cautious and take the relationship seriously.  

They put their efforts to withstand the relation and are ready to understand the differences of their partner. The relation between both of them is built on fidelity and mutual trust. The best quality of the couple is mutual respect and this helps in building their relation in a great way. Capricorn loves being pampered and cancer is very good at offering the same. Capricorn is good at providing secured life that is demanded bay cancer in their family life.

There are negative aspects in the relation too. Capricorn being pre occupied by the career aspirations will not be able to security demanded by cancer and this can lead to arguments. If the both the couple accept that they have much to learn in the relation they can lead a happy life.

Cancer and Capricorn friendship  

Cancer and Capricorn friendship can enjoy deep fruitful relation.  Though both the partners expect much from each other, they respect each other too. Capricorn is logical and cancer is emotional but both have good value for safety and security in life.

Cancer can help the Capricorn to enjoy the fruits of hard work and Capricorn will tech cancer to focus on their goals and achieve them.  Capricorn also teaches cancer to handle their mood swings and be practical. Both signs are loyal towards their friendship and this helps in creating a strong between them.

Cancer man and Capricorn women

The relation between cancer man and Capricorn woman will not happen instantly and easily though they are highly compatible zodiac sings. There is high attraction between the couple which will happen in the initial days of relation.  Cancer’s mood swings may irritate short tempered Capricorn woman.  Both the couple should have trust on each other in order to make their relation run smoothly.

Cancer woman and Capricorn men

Cancer women is has high loyalty towards their partner and expects same from the partner. Cancer woman’s needs love in life where as Capricorn man is ambitious. The cancer woman have to invest lot of efforts to teach these qualities to her man. Capricorn should strive to gain her trust in the relation.