Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio match has good soul mate; the pair will have great intimacy and high emotional intensity.  You may not find the relation between cancer and Scorpio strong during the initial days of the relation, but it gets stronger as they spend time together. Couple has huge amount of chemistry between them and they are loyal to each other. Cancer is sincerely devoted to Scorpio. This is a wonderful relation where strengths of one partner are balancing the weakness of the other partner. The couple has good potential to keep their relation strong for the long term.

Both the partners love creating comfortable living space by buying new things. Cancer looks for security in life where as Scorpio long for power in the relation. Both the partners are highly concerned for peaceful home life and have good loyalties for relations in the family group. They both share same point of view towards life and are good at complementing each other. 

There are high chances of a wish becoming true if they have it in common.  In the situations where opinion clash occurs, cancer will initiate the argument and Scorpio will finish it.  The love partners should not let the arguments to boil over a period of time and spoil their relation. Instead, they should sit and discuss what is really important in their life to reach an equitable compromise. Their faith in the partner will allow the couple to achieve through sheer determination.

Cancer and Scorpio friendship 

Cancer and Scorpio friendship is nothing relation between two people with good depth of character.  The two zodiac sign characters are good at balancing others weakness with their strengths.  Cancer and Scorpio have natural attraction towards each other and can form a good bond. They are very good at complementing each other. They can establish a pleasant atmosphere around when they work together.  Both the zodiac signs are sentimental and very emotional. 

They have good loyalty towards each other and give great importance to family and home. Any project collaborated by cancer and Scorpio is a definite success.  However, when the argument arises, it is important for both the zodiac signs to sit down for the discussion and understand each other very well. Mutual need for safety and stability helps them to establish strong bond between two.

Cancer man and Scorpio woman

The match between cancer man and Scorpio woman is very interesting.  Though they get attracted to each other initially, they will fall in love with many things about each other. Both the couple is known for their deep emotions, intelligence and imagination. Their union makes both of them double strong and they can achieve anything together in life. The couple is highly compatible and can be just called as lucky pair.

Cancer women and Scorpio man

The love couple cancer man and Scorpio woman have a great bond mentally and emotionally. They can easily find balance in their love computability after some time.