Cancer Woman

Challenging is what defines this woman better. A Cancer woman is temperamental but reliable, vulnerable but guarded, and terrified of change but extremely adjustable. She has layers and she is undeniably interesting. She is the type of woman you wish to marry. She will not only make an excellent partner, but also a fantastic mother. She’s the … Read more

Cancer Man

When you wish to have a guy who makes you feel safe, secured and loved, then you need to find a Cancer man. Don’t mind if he squeezes you a little hard or pulls you a little close. He will make you feel like a daddy’s little girl, feminine in a primal way, maybe even … Read more

Cancer and Cancer

Cancer and cancer compatibility Cancer and cancer compatibility can be great relation. As both are home makers, they will have good caring towards each other and will have chance of building super relationship for their happy life.  The relation between the two partners is so promising due to their shared outlook towards life.  They are loyal … Read more

Cancer and Libra

Cancer and Libra compatibility Cancer and Libra is a challenging relation to work on. The partners in this relationship are different people and managing the relation between two is balancing act, neither of the partners will win here.They have different priorities in life and this is key factor in deciding the relationship. If they have true … Read more

Cancer and Sagittarius

The relationship between Cancer and Sagittarius is a constant battle and challenging to make it work. If the love between both of you is strong and both are willing to make this relation work, you success will raise compatibility scores.  As the relation is constant battle between securities and risk neither of the partners should be ready … Read more

Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio compatibility Cancer and Scorpio match has good soul mate; the pair will have great intimacy and high emotional intensity.  You may not find the relation between cancer and Scorpio strong during the initial days of the relation, but it gets stronger as they spend time together. Couple has huge amount of chemistry between … Read more

Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn compatibility Very successful and secure connection can be established between cancer and Capricorn. Cancer persistence is always loved by Capricorn and Cancer is always attracted by Capricorn dedication. Though these two sings from opposite sides of the zodiac chart, they will create a successful connection when they come together.  The relation between the couple has … Read more

Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer and Aquarius compatibility The match between cancer and Aquarius is very interesting.  Both the couple has to change for each other to enjoy better relation.  The match between these zodiac signs does not happen instantly. Aquarius look for someone who is who can match them at mental level. Cancer’s feels that love is instinctive reaction. Cancer’s emotional … Read more

Gemini and Cancer

Gemini and Cancer compatibility Gemini and cancer are neighbors to each other in the zodiac charts, but they have very things in common. It is, in fact, a hard match to work with and the couple should be ready to face many initial challenges to build up the relation and bonding between two. Cancer loves to … Read more