Gemini and Pisces Compatibility in Friendship, Love, and Life

Gemini and Pisces make a really interesting match! They make a Square aspect to one another, however, they have many similarities. They’re both part of the Mutable modality and are symbolized by two characters. Gemini is the twins (Castor and Pollux) while Pisces is two fish connected, yet swimming in opposite directions. Therefore, there is duality in both these Zodiac signs. 

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, also known as Hermes, the messenger god in Greek mythology. Neptune (and Jupiter) rules Pisces. Neptune is also known as Poseidon in Greek mythology, god of the ocean.

Gemini and Pisces Friendship 

Overall Compatibility

These two are quite similar in that they are part of the Mutable modality and take things as they come. They have quite a lot of fun together, as they often do things spontaneously just for the fun of it!

Pisces enjoys the fact that Gemini likes to express themselves so much, and Gemini likes the fact that Pisces likes to listen to them. Together, they can have a lot of fun in the city, going to clubs and bars and attending music concerts together.

Even though there is a Square aspect between these two, they actually can get along really well. The only problem is if Geminis talk too much and drain energy from Pisces.

Overall Compatibility Rating: 7/10

Mutual Interests 

Both these signs are into communication and enjoy social media and all it has to offer. They’ll both have Facebook accounts and will be connected to many friends. Their Instagram accounts will be filled with many exciting pictures of their individual lives.  

These two both value friendships and enjoy others’ company – Gemini more than Pisces though. Their minds move fast and they like exploring different topics – all at one go. They also both have a mutual interest in the written word – books, poetry, or even writing things themselves.

They both enjoy nature and being surrounded by greenery and the ocean, though Geminis often need to be in and around the city, to recharge around other positive people, while Pisces likes to recharge in their own company. 

Mutual Interests Rating: 7/10


There is a big problem with loyalty here. Both signs are made up of two – the twins and two fish, and they easily change their minds. It is well known in the Astrological world that Geminis are the least loyal sign. They like to fool around and explore their options. (If someone has their Venus or Mars in Gemini, it is usually an indication of cheating.)

Pisces, on the other hand, will cheat on their significant other if they feel hurt by them. As the greatest escape artists alive, they will often fall into the arms of another, instead of confronting the issue at hand with their Gemini partner.

Loyalty Rating: 3/10


These two really bond easily, as they love exploring each others’ minds and talking about things – gossip, the best books they’ve ever read, or fun things to do over the weekend. Often, they will meet at work and will rely on each other and become close this way.

When they become close, their bond is hard to break. However, if Gemini ever hurts Pisces very badly, Pisces will run away and will only return maybe years later when they are ready to (kind of) forgive (yet never forget) the Gemini.

Bond Rating: 6/10

Gemini Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility 

Overall Compatibility 

The Gemini man gets excited by the Pisces woman when he first lays eyes on her. She is usually quite eccentric and different from others with her nativity and childlike wonder. He enjoys her smile and the way she says odd things at times.

She likes the fact that when she’s quiet and has nothing to say because she feels so shy, he’s there to fill in all the gaps of silence. The Pisces woman also enjoys how a Gemini man interests her mind, as he is so curious and usually quite intelligent himself. She can learn a lot about different things through him and enjoys this. 

Overall Compatibility: 7/10


This is a couple that will text each other all day. He will send message after message after message, and won’t always understand her silence or replies that she can’t answer him straight away because of work.

She will love all the attention he gives her with texts and messages, whether they’re words or pictures of what he’s doing every 2 hours. If he’s really into her, he’ll be relentless and won’t stop wanting to communicate with her. She may feel a bit suffocated and overwhelmed by this.

When they are together and talk, they will do so during dinner, sex or even while having a shower together afterward. Since Mercury rules Gemini’s mind, he has to express himself all the time – thank goodness she’s a great listener!

Communication Rating: 8 /10

Sex and Love 


The sex between a Gemini man and Pisces woman will be explorative and fun. He likes to move fast and hard, and she likes to play dress-up! He’ll enjoy the play they have together and all the talk before, during and after sex.

This is a couple that enjoys “dirty-talk” and can imagine a whole fantasy together while doing the deed. They enjoy the feel of each other’s bodies and he is most definitely a kisser than enjoys exploring her mouth and body with his tongue! She also loves to please him.


When it comes to love, they don’t fall for each other’s hearts straight away, as they are quite different, since the Pisces woman is ever so emotional. However, once the Gemini man gets to truly know the Pisces woman, he can’t help but fall in love with her sweet nature. It is important to note that there is often a remarkable difference in age that comes with this coupling from either side.

She loves the fact that he gets along with everyone and is good with words. It makes her fall a little bit deeper in love with him, knowing she can go anywhere with him, and he’ll attract great conversation – even with strangers. 

They have to be careful with flirting with others, as this relationship can easily turn polyamorous, and it might be all fun and games in the beginning, but can become very hurtful once feelings are deepened for others’ involved.

If these two marry it won’t be straight away, or it might, depending on age – if they’re very young they could become wedded pretty soon. They will have a house full of books, movies, and music, and they will travel a lot before having kids.

The Gemini man and Pisces woman will both read many bedtime stories to the kids, or possibly act things out for them. They’ll both help the kids with homework, and make sure there’s a family vacation at least once a year!  

Sex and Love Rating: 8/10

Shared Values

They’re both not the most honest people, but they really try. They value fun experiences! They want to see the world together and go on road trips. They want weekends by the ocean, followed by escapes into the city for great food, followed by a day in bed, or out in nature.

These two both value the importance of communication, as the Gemini is such a talker and the Pisces is such a listener. However, he will occasionally let her butt in and have her say, and she will feel really understood and heard by him, just as he feels the same about her!

Shared Values: 7/10

Famous Celebrity Gemini Men Pisces Women Couples

Stellan Skarsgard and Megan Everett-Skarsgard (Married with children)

Benjamin Walker and Kaya Scodelario (Married with children)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson (Married with children) 

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds (Engaged with children)

Gemini Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility 

Overall Compatibility 

Gemini women have personalities that are infectious! They’re talkative and love to be here, there, and everywhere. They enjoy the laid-back energy of Pisces men who kind of wander and get inspiration just by looking at the sky, daydreaming.

The Gemini woman can be timid at times. In Native American astrology, Geminis are represented by the deer. Pisces, on the other hand, are represented by the cougar, and often the Pisces man will have total control in this relationship, but not in a dominant way.

There’s hardly ever boredom between these two, as she just loves to babble on about things and loves to see what life has to offer, while he happily goes along with what she wishes to do, as long as she is good and kind to him. 

Overall Compatibility Rating: 7/10


Gemini women love to talk. It is actually a special skill they are born with (as they make one of the best marketers and social media influencers!). He doesn’t mind her talking, however, he really appreciates silence, and sometimes, it’s all too much for him when all he wants to do is relax. 

He’ll enjoy the messages she sends, but will feel trapped if she asks him every half an hour where he is, and what he doing (mainly out of trust issues). 

He is a good listener and she does feel heard by him, and he also feels heard by her – when she lets him talk. They always have things to talk about, and there is never uncomfortable silence when she is around. 

Overall Communication Rating: 6/10

Sex and Love


Gemini women and Pisces men have so much fun together in bed! The main thing is that they talk about what they’re comfortable with before actually going ahead and doing things. This makes them feel both comfortable and safe when naked.

During, sex, she will ask him if he is enjoying himself, if she should change positions or do anything different, and afterwards, she will ask if the sex was okay, or if there’s anything she can do next time to please him more.

He is similar in the way he just wants to please her, and will take his time bringing her to orgasm. Together they really enjoy each other sexually!


They may marry young if in love, travel a bit around the world, and then buy a nice house in the suburbs, close to the city (for the Gemini woman’s sake). She will want the kids to go to the best schools with the finest education system, and will expect them to read a lot.

He will paint with them, and really teach them how to get their creative juices flowing. Together they make great parents! As stated with Gemini men and Pisces women, there may be a big age gap in this couple. That’s because neither of them really care about age in matters of the heart, they just care about a deep connection, “getting” the other person, and feeling heard!

Sex and Love Rating: 8/10

Shared Values

They both want a happy and easy life full of peace. She hates arguments and he can’t handle them. They both value being creative and pleasant, getting along with others, and often both enjoy being kind to others.

They make a great pair when volunteering and doing charitable work! They also enjoy trying many different things, from food to drink, bars and clubs, and destinations. Most of all, they love having fun together!

Shared Values Rating: 7/10

Famous Celebrity Gemini Women Pisces Men Couples

Emma Heming Willis and Bruce Willis (Married with children)

Sheryl Berkoff and Rob Lowe (Married with children)

Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego Saldana (Married with children)

Seal and Heidi Klum (Divorced with children)


Gemini rules the 3rd house of communication, trends, primary education, neighbors, siblings, and local travel. Pisces rules the 12th house of the collective consciousness, the masses, nature and the wild, the ocean, institutes, and hidden enemies. These two create a world of adventure together and can really go the distance, as long as they don’t cheat on one another!