Gemini Man

If you are dating a Gemini man then you will have a fun-filled time. He proves to be a great date. He is funny, witty, charming, clever, adventurous, talkative and just fun. Most women get easily attracted to Gemini men because of their traits, vitality and enthusiasm. You may face tough competition when it comes to impressing a Gemini Man. Don’t think about winning his heart and keeping him to yourself. He won’t allow you to pin him down or ruled by a woman. If you think about doing so, then get ready to be among his options and not his passionate lover. He is excellent at influencing women and will get what he wants. He is master of seduction. Girls looking for a great fling, go for a Gemini man.

You may have heard that anyone born a Gemini is two-faced or have a “split” personality – so you just can’t trust them. Well, it is just a myth. However, one thing is certain, and you’ve probably heard it before that those born under the sign of Gemini love variety, and freedom. This is the major reason why they often get a bad rap when it comes to relationships. Gemini Men are among some of the friendliest, most positive, most interesting people around. Take them to a party and within few minutes, they will develop a rapport with everyone.

But here’s the thing, when it comes to commitment, Gemini man is considered as one of the most difficult of all the signs as their energy is considered more sensitive and changeable than any other. Therefore, finding Gemini Man compatibility is not easy. They prefer to bounce from one thing to another and be lifelong amateur – staying “Jack of all trades and master of nothing” for life. The major reason for this is they are good at EVERYTHING and they just don’t want to limit themselves to one thing. They are most adaptable and flexible kind of personality who is multi-talented and interested in everything. Hence, they’ve been known to change partners, residences and jobs.

Gemini’s are also known for their intellectuals, cleverness, curiosity and communication. Often a ‘question box’, they’re typically fascinating and light spirited companions with a diverse knowledge. Fast thinker and fast talker is what you will find in him, due to which it would be really hard for you to win in an argument!