Gemini Woman

Gemini woman is a breath of fresh air; light, fun and carefree. Those seeking a partner who won’t be too smothering or clingy should seek for a Gemini woman. She is low maintenance than most other signs and good at making fun of a bad situation and finds a solution to it.

She is a lady who will leave you guessing. Her dual nature will confuse you and make you think whether to continue your relationship with her or not. Finding the right Gemini woman compatibility is tough. Although, a Gemini woman is bound in her twofold nature, she is brilliant, vivacious and a great orator. It is really difficult to observe or judge this mysterious lady. Females known for both their good behavior and eccentricity are what defines Gemini woman. And it is only because of her ‘dual nature’. Though, she is not pretty clear about her goals, she enjoys a contented and excellent status in society. You will find her a confused person changing her mind every now and then. She is capable of adjusting in both situations – high class living and in financial deficits.

Gemini woman has a pleasing personality and has a lot of grace in her face. She is a good entertainer when it comes to having guests at home and she proves herself a wonderful hostess. Her style, communication skills and way of garnishing food is always praiseworthy. She is also a fine creative person. Her interests are short-lived as she easily gets bored, and favors variety in all things.

Gemini woman makes very interesting and exciting friends. She loves to leave a mark on everyone she meets. If you need any advice, she is the best person to talk. Her masters in communication skills will keep you entertained and can fill you with the latest gossips. If you love conversation, they are the ideal choice. Gemini woman are very generous with their friends and they spend lots of time in sharing everything with them.