Leo and Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius compatibility

The love match between Leo and Sagittarius is very energetic and full of fun. The relation between these two energetic signs will have mutual attraction and physical spark. This sounds very good for the short term relation. How about long term relation between these two energetic zodiac signs?

According to astrology chart, the relation between these two zodiac signs Leo and Sagittarius is considered as combination with good prospects for long term happiness. Both the partners encourage the other to aim for the highest and will have mutual respect for each other. It is great fun for the people to have this energetic couple around.  It is felt the casual observer that the couple has strong unbeatable relation and there is no doubt in this wonderful fact. However, one should know there are some cons of any relation too.

Both the partners have to compromise on few things to ensure long term relation. The problem with the compatibility of this couple is Leo needs to get adored by the partner constantly in the relation and should be told to the partner that he is constantly adored. Sagittarius partner don’t do to this level and it can be concern for the disputes between the couple. Another big reason that is cause of dispute between the partners is balance between possession and freedom.Flirtatious nature of Sagittarius may make Leo feel jealous at times and can be a cause of minor problems in the relation.

Leo and Sagittarius friendship

Friendship between Leo and Sagittarius is a dynamic relation. They enjoy the life to the fullest and encourage others to do the same. The match enjoys lot of thrilling time together. Energetic and enthusiastic nature of the pair makes them appealing to many. Leo wants to take hold of the conversation all the time. Both friends are admired by others as long as they admire each other. They make a formidable team when they work together. Good energy devotion towards achieving the goals produces a beneficial friendship between them.

Leo man and Sagittarius woman 

The compatibility between Leo man and Sagittarius woman has high compatibility. The two partners share common characters. Both the partners love to be in limelight. The couple has good mutual understanding which helps them to have romantic moments to cherish for life time. It is a true soul mate match and the relation gets stronger over a period of time.

Leo woman and Sagittarius man

Leo women and Sagittarius man will enjoy wonderful physical chemistry in the relation. Both the partners would love to have fun in the relation and would enjoy the life to the fullest. However, Leo women should be little cautious and keep a check on flirtatious nature of a Sagittarius man. The couple share fervent and passionate nature which makes them highly compatible. One should ignore few drawbacks in the relation to sustain it for the long time.