Sagittarius Compatibility

Astrology tends to share ninth zodiac sign by name “Sagittarius” with ruling planet “Jupiter” and carved with element “Fire”. The souls born under the sign of half human and half animal are ultra independent and great explorers.

They are excellent harmonized spirits and reflect positive wisdom. They are generous and trustworthy personalities in friendship. They are kind and polite humans on planet and dislikes dishonesty and unfaithful behavior by others. They conduct rational thinking and positive attitude and believe in “live and let live policy” as key quality. They are clear in words and give free space to their mates in relationship for a healthy bonding.

Sagittarius personalities are adventurous and full of excitements in life. They never hide anything from their love mates and are extreme loyal souls. They live in organized life with self made rules but still are modest compatible partners. They are simple and clear in talks and are not manipulative minds.

For them love and relationship matters a lot but are quite less emotional personalities. They don’t even care much if got hurt because for them it is nothing more than waste of time and energy to live in stress. They are easy healers and don’t get much depressed on some bad phases in life about relationship. They are romantic and passionate about sex. And even love to hangout or date in relationship. In romance they are magnetically harmonized with mates in relationship.

Sagittarius Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs:

Sagittarius with Aries Relationship: Understanding between these two zodiacs is highly compatible with each-other. They together are perfectly matched partners.

Sagittarius with Taurus Relationship: Personalities of these two different zodiacs together are less carved in true bonding. Their relationship seems to be more bound not bond which quite less scoring.

Sagittarius with Gemini Relationship: Their sexual compatibility is more attractive for each other as compared communicative attitude in bond. The relationship between these two is quite wild card entry and need to work to ensure long term partnership.

Sagittarius with Cancer Relationship: The investment of feels and emotions in true bond is quite missing in these tow zodiacs which is little worrying. Sexual mating is more pleasurable but lacks in unity of bond.

Sagittarius with Leo Relationship: They both together carriers a unique fellowship and ensures a long term whole life compatibility and loyal depth. They both are actively stable souls together.

Sagittarius with Virgo Relationship: They both together explore an average bonding which all plus and minus aspects. They live together but are totally different from each other and still crazy for in relations.

Sagittarius with Libra Relationship: The style of bond in between them is perfectly matched coupling which is forever relationship. They are perfectly stable and truly made for each other. In fellowship they together agree for long terms.

Sagittarius with Scorpio Relationship: Both of these zodiacs together are not sticky but strikes more uncomfortable. They are somehow attracted towards sexual and love pleasures but still the true understanding is somewhere missing. Their compatibility scored almost least grading.

Sagittarius with Sagittarius Relationship: same zodiac in bonding is quite good but sometimes it is worrying too. They are together average scorers in compatibility but little good graders in love and pleasing bonds. They are together unpredictable and mysterious personalities with conservative communication.

Sagittarius with Capricorn Relationship: They together illustrate low score bond which is quite worrying as less compatibility ensures less craze and love. They both together need to modify each other according to mates or should apart.

Sagittarius with Aquarius Relationship: The vision of these two zodiacs in coupling is perfectly matched as can be termed as soul mates. Their sexual life is not one the phase of attractiveness but also their communicative sense is also flourishing which cared the deep roots of relationship.

Sagittarius with Pisces Relationship: These two are generally considered together as wild card holders because the score less grading in partnership of life. They both need to be quite modest and adjustable to ensure long term fellowship together.