Taurus and Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

The Taurus is very open-hearted, sensual and easily expresses its feelings to the partner. The Scorpio is very loyal, possessive and caring towards its partner. The Taurus likes to very clear and expressive with its partner, the Scorpio on the other hand is very secretive and expresses its feeling only in privacy. They may have some of the differences in their views, but they must understand each other properly. They can have massive disputes at one time between them or on certain occasions they can have massive love between them.

The Taurus stubborn nature can make Scorpio very uncomfortable and nervous. The Scorpio nagging behavior can make the Taurus very irritating. Both of them can be extremely good to each other at some times and they may extremely bad to each other at some times. So it is up to both Taurus and Scorpio to go in either direction. It is not easy to predict the emotions of a Taurus person, while it is very easy to predict the emotions of a Scorpio person. The Scorpio partner can at certain times can give good motivation to its Taurus partner.

Taurus and Scorpio Relationship:

The Taurus and Scorpio are both fixed sign. They will have a passionate love between them on many occasions and they will even have passionate clash between them on some occasions. They will have a great attraction for each other in the relationship. As nice looking Scorpio person, will attract the Taurus who is always attracted by the beauty. While the down to earth and expressive Taurus will attract the Scorpio person. However, the stubborn Taurus and short tempered Scorpio can sometimes go into an ugly clash which may appear as they will never talk. However, over a period of time they will certainly close and be good in relationship.

The Taurus is a little concerned only about his dreams, while the Scorpio likes to consider the interest of its Taurus partner. The Taurus is very transparent in the relationship and shares everything with its Scorpio partner. The Scorpio on the other hand likes to remain mysterious. However, the Scorpio has great love for its Taurus partner. The Taurus will try satisfying most of the desires of its Scorpio partner, while the Scorpio will make its Taurus partner very special in relationship. It is necessary that both the partners show understanding towards their partner to keep their relationship going smoothly.

Taurus and Scorpio Friendship:

The friendship between the Taurus and Scorpio person hardly seems to work smoothly. If they are at work places it is very difficult for them to work with each other. They can be nice friends only if they work on two independent tasks.

The Taurus and Scorpio can have long term friendship only if they are friends from the childhood. Their friendship can work nicely with constant clashes and affection for each other. The Taurus needs to be a little flexible and Scorpio needs to little transparent with each other to work their friendship better. They both can be nice friends only when they respect each other view.