Taurus and Taurus Compatibility in Friendship, Love, and Life

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Venus is known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology, the goddess of love. However, Aphrodite was more known for love affairs than marriage, and she ruled sensuality.

In relation to the above, Taurus rules the senses. These people are extremely sensual and sexual, and have extremely high sex drives. Now, when you think of two Taureans together, one might think, well that’s simple, of course they’ll get along – they are the same.

However, not all Taureans are created equal. Some Taureans live lives that truly make good examples of all the things Taurus is great at, and some Taureans live in their shadow self and fall into their addictions.

For the sake of the following article, we will mainly look at the relationship between two Taureans who live the best they can in relation to their Sign. Taurus is a feminine, Fixed, Earth sign, and is in fact more connected to the Earth than the other Earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. Let’s look at the compatibility between two Taureans shall we!

Taurus and Taurus Friendship 

Overall Compatibility

These two recognize kindred souls with each other and enjoy doing things together. They really make the best of friends, as theirs is a friendship not based on too many words, but just getting on with things in a practical manner. 

They often read each others’ minds easily and get things done without problems, as they are both so self-sufficient. They don’t need to rely on one another, as they are extremely independent, but love each other’s company and make great friends. 

Obviously, they get along with similar people – all the Cancerians, Pisceans, Scorpios, other Taureans, Virgos, and Capricorns. The Air and Fire signs don’t get along with them too well. They find it a bit hard to get along with emotionally detached Air signs, Librans, Geminis, and Aquarians especially, as well as Fire signs Aries, Leos, and Sagittarians. 

Overall Compatibility Rating: 9/10

Mutual Interests 

As a Zodiac sign so connected to the Earth, they both love nature and gardening. Nothing makes them happier than living in a space that allows them to have a view of greenery every day. Their souls really need this.

They both love money and must have it in order to feel secure and buy whatever they please, as they don’t enjoy feeling financially restricted. These two can go on crazy shopping sprees together and money can just run through their fingers. They may even love gambling, however, this pastime is not advised for this couple, as they can get easily addicted to it.

They love good food and things that bring pleasure to their senses like fragrant perfume and cologne. They also are very fond of animals.

Mutual Interests Rating: 10/10


These two are very loyal to one another. If they are deeply in love, there’s no fooling around. Yes, there will be stares and looking around at other attractive people (Taurus can’t help this), but cheating on the one they love is not on their agenda.

If cheating occurs, it is usually only if this couple is very young, in their 20’s and one of them is drunk. The Taurus man will look at porn, so the female half of this couple shouldn’t get too fazed by this, provided it isn’t too much of an addiction for the Taurus man.

Loyalty Rating: 8/10


Of course, since they are both Taureans, there is an instant bond when these two meet. They are just so similar in nature. The only time they won’t really get along is if one half of the couple is extremely materialistic, while the other half of the couple is very down-to-earth.

Once these two are together, they don’t let each other go easily. They both know how hard it is to find a suitable partner, as they’ve been looking since they were teenagers, and once they find each other they like to stick to each other like glue!

Bond Rating: 9/10

Taurus Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility 

Overall Compatibility 

Overall, these two make a great pair. There’s just so much understanding. Taureans can be quite emotional and sensitive, yet extremely practical at the same time. They’re both each other’s “rocks” when times get tough.

Sometimes things may get tough if they allow their stubbornness to forge through. And, let’s not kid ourselves, Taurus’ stubbornness is the most stubborn that you can get. Even if they know they are wrong, they will still say that they are right, just to prove a point. This can honestly create a wedge in the relationship.

Provided they can get through their stubbornness, they make a wonderful team. These two love each other’s company and understand each other on a level that most people just don’t get. They are compatible through and through.

Overall Compatibility: 9/10


These two communicate best through actions. They love doing stuff for each other, such as cooking for, or massaging, one another. However, when they use words, they speak practically with intention. They don’t mince their words, nor do they babble (they are not Geminis who must express themselves verbally at all costs).

They prefer picking up the phone and calling one another rather than texting, but when they do text each other it will be playful with many emojis sent. There may also be many selfies of nudes and extremely sexual content sent between one another. 

Just a tip: If you are a woman reading this – try to refrain from sending your Taurus crush naked selfies, he won’t take you too seriously if you do – rather keep it for when you’re in an actual relationship and he has already expressed his love for you. 

Overall, communication runs very smoothly between two Taureans, and often when they are in the same space, they’ll just read each other’s minds and won’t need to communicate with words too much. Their body language also often says it all!

Communication Rating: 9 /10

Sex and Love 


As stated above, Taurus is all about the senses. When these two make love for the first time, it will be kinky and raw, rough and hard. However, once they get used to each other’s bodies, they will start bringing a lot of foreplay into the mix.

Sensually, they need to touch each other and feel each other’s skin. Massage is extremely important for them and they both get extremely turned on by this, whether they are on the giving, or receiving end, of the massage. They also like to have musk or vanilla scented candles all around them while making love!

Since they’re both so into food, there’s nothing wrong with bringing strawberries and whipped cream into the bedroom. They’ll enjoy licking the cream off each other’s bodies and caressing each other’s private bits with the strawberries.

This couple is also into BDSM and love experimental sex. They are a couple that can easily watch porn together while touching themselves or each other. Their sex life is truly explosive, and very kinky. 

They also have no problem having sex out in nature, as long as nobody is looking their way. Nature really feeds their souls and they love breathing in fresh air while making love among the trees, or even under the night sky while the stars are “watching” them. 


Taureans can be very romantic at the beginning of the relationship, but keep in mind they prefer giving two kinds of gifts – those that connect to the senses, and those that are practical. In the beginning, the male Taurus will buy his female Taurus perfume, chocolates and sexy lingerie.

However, this will change into practical gifts she can use – such as a beautiful new blender for the kitchen, or even a gorgeous water jug for the plants inside. He may even turn up one day with a little dog or cat to show his love.

They also both show their love through cooking for one another, as they love food so much. She will never let him go hungry and neither will he. In fact, he’ll also take her to the best restaurants when they date – those that serve hearty and big portions.

Their love is very special, and one that can honestly last a lifetime. Together they can make a beautiful and big family. They will both want to have many children together to continue their lineage and will make fantastic parents that will always be there for their kids.

The male Taurus also doesn’t wait too long before proposing, not when he’s ready to settle down. Once he meets his Taurus lady and knows she is the one for him, he will romantically propose and they will have a gorgeous wedding that is either very fancy, or more down-to-earth. It also depends how much money they have at the time.

Money and property will come up a lot during their relationship, and they may move into many different homes until they find one that really feels like “home” (usually surrounded by a big garden), and they may either have a lot of money or get into the habit of spending a lot of it and experience periods where they suffer a bit financially. This needs to be watched, and they should hire a financial advisor as soon as they get married and join financial forces. 

The only big fights they will experience as a couple is over money matters, possibly sexual issues (where the male may be looking a lot at other females, making his partner jealous), and their tendency to be so stubborn.

Sex and Love Rating: 9/10

Shared Values

As Taureans, they value honesty and authenticity. They have no time for other people’s “BS” and are able to tell if someone is lying to them easily. They love that they share honesty and really value people that are true to themselves. 

These two are extremely practical and will often fix things around the house on their own. They love using their hands to do things and will even paint the walls and put tiles down on the floor once they learn how to do it.

They both can get melancholy at times and really value the fact that they emotionally support each other so much. They are also both homebodies and need their homes to reflect who they are inside. Their homes will usually be either very stunning and high-end or will look lived in with many rugs on the floor and throws over the couches, with warm earthy colors adorning the walls.

Food is extremely important to them and their fridge has to be full at all times. In fact, one of the best ways they cheer each other up is by coming home with groceries. It is very common that one or both struggled at one time or another financially in their lives, where buying food became an issue, so they really value the ability to just open the fridge and grab what they want.

They also value peace. Usually, not always, Taureans want a very peaceful life, out in nature where they are not bothered by too many people and they can just do what they want and be loved and have someone to truly love them back.

These two will also often have a house full of pets; perhaps a handful of dogs and two or three cats. Animals bring them a lot of peace.

Shared Values: 10/10

Famous Celebrity Taurus Men Taurus Women Couples

Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker) and Megan Fox (Dating)

Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra (Divorced)

Aaron Spelling and Carolyn Jones (This late couple divorced)

Toby Stephens and Anna-Louise Plowman (Married with children)


Taurus rules the 2nd house of the body, finances, estates and properties, self-worth and self-value. As long as these two can value themselves enough individually, they can then value one another and truly give each other the love they deserve. Taurus and Taurus make a wonderful couple!