Taurus Compatibility with Other Zodiac Sign:

Taurus with Aries: Score average compatibility in relationships. These two star signs are good friends and partners in love bond.

Taurus with Taurus: They are mutual in terms of romance, love, communication and in physical intimacy. They both exist with excellent compatibility, potentially perfect “Soul-mates”.

Taurus with Gemini: This partner compatibility represents two different temperament personalities with quite low mutual and scores harder challenging relationship.

Taurus with Cancer: These are great matching mates; represent high scores as perfect couple together. They together are ‘family-former’s’.

Taurus with Leo: The relationship between Taurus and Leo can be quite challenging. Their bond flourishes to high but if not up to the mark can repel each other which is challenging and often worrying.

Taurus with Virgo: They are compatible with each other, shares common values and attitudes. They both value stability and same potential and interests.

Taurus with Libra: This is not likely a good and perfect match. But vows committed relationship for last long. They both ruled Venus and share charming love with diplomatic attitude.

Taurus with Scorpio: There is always a constant challenging partnership with each other .They stayed together and don’t give up easily.

Taurus with Sagittarius: These two different zodiac personality score low in partnership and compatibility. Their differences are so called and clear, believe in leaving the relationship.

Taurus with Capricorn: They together represent a perfect example of “pleasing partnership” They are “tight-staying”, “together-forever” mates with positive potentials.

Taurus with Aquarius: Their love match bond is not seen with much positive vibes together and equipped with many complications.

Taurus with Pisces: They score great in compatibility match and are pleased by others too. Their commitment is often look like as if based on praising and pleasing each other.