Taurus Woman

Taurus woman is a lady full of innocence and self-respect. She is proud for herself no matter what. Loyalty, reliability and sticking to the promises throughout the life are traits synonym to a Taurus woman. Undoubtedly, she is a good partner as a wife and her loyalty will please you always.

Taurus woman believes in originality and she will hardly accept artificial substances. These women are more interested and happy in natural surroundings like waterfalls, hill stations and greenery. Though, her aspirations are limited, she is fond of making money. Affluent wealth attracts her.

When it comes to nature, a Taurus woman is soft and polite by her heart. She will be an ideal mother. She is excellent in taking responsibilities and make sure to be the best at it. She is extremely dedicated towards her children and family.

The Taurus women are not that short-tempered, but when pushed to the limit, they can become extremely stubborn and hotheaded. In order to be in the good books of a Taurus woman, better know their basic characteristics.

Emotionally, the Taurus women are strong and can overcome the most challenging situations easily. If required, they would rather rely on their independence than on sympathy and support of others. When it comes to independence, these women are well aware of what is right for them and how to get things done. If you are lucky enough to earn that special place in her heart, then she will stand by you forever. According to their friendly and pleasing nature, they mostly have large social circles and plenty of friends. All they want in return is loyalty and honesty.

For a Taurus woman, love is nice, but marriage is an extremely serious affair. On this topic, the Taurus woman is not kidding. She makes her choice carefully, without being in rush. She will analyze the pros and cons before finally giving in her commitment and choosing the man she will share her life with. If there are obstacles, she won’t leave any stone unturned to overcome the problems.

When it comes to Taurus woman compatibility, it is like two bulls get together and their compatibility in the bedroom provides for a satisfying sexual relationship. Being a like-minded couple, arguments are rare in this case. But when they do lock horns, tempers are explosive and neither partner is quick to admit defeat. In general, this pairing can work excellent.