Virgo and Aquarius

Virgo and Aquarius compatibility

The relation between Virgo and Aquarius may fail to form an emotional bond between two but, they are united in their intellectual abilities. When they make a match, they bring out the best or worst in others. Virgo has theoretical approach towards life. Both the partners would strive to work on their differences. As the relation between them grows, they learn about each other.

Aquarius may seem exciting to Virgo but, will be annoyed when they try to probe this creative mind. On the other hand, Aquarius finds the solid base provided by Virgo very appealing but will be upset with Virgo’scriticism.The good aspect in their relation is when they come together;combined ambition of the couple drives them to miraculous deeds.

The rational nature of the partners keeps them connected.  Both the partners feel that it is stupid to lie or not having trust on the partner. Virgo is logical minded will have logic behind every action whereas Aquarius does not apply any reasons for their actions. The compatibility this match on the astrology graph is average but, their relation between them is full of enlightenment and contentment. They have same tastes and desires and friendship means a lot for both of them.

Virgo is a perfectionist; they want every step to be logical and perfect. Clashes may arise between the couple when Virgo interferes with judgment and decisions of Virgo. Fault finding nature of Virgo will irritate Aquarius. Both the partners should learn to open up with each other to prosper their relation.

Virgo and Aquarius friendship   

The relation between Virgo and Aquarius is like two people bring out either good or bad in them.  Virgo is logical minded whereas Aquarius does not believe on such perfectionism. Both the friends will work on their differences and as they spend time, they will learn about each other. Virgo is organized in their work, Aquarius finds routine very boring. Aquarius seems as very exciting to Virgo but will be frustrated when they try to penetrate artistic mind of Virgo. Aquarius takes the solid base provided by Virgo as great support but will not be able to tolerate their criticism. However, the duo can work well towards combined goals and ambitions. Both the friends would be happy and working with each other.

Virgo man and Aquarius woman   

The relationship will be successful if both the partners invest a lot of efforts. Virgo gets upset very easily but Aquarius woman will look at positive side on every aspect. Both the partners will be inspiration to each other and can work effectively towards the common goals.  The compatibility scores of this love match are average but, the relation can work out to be nice love match.

Virgo woman and Aquarius man

During the initial stages of the relation, both the partners will be attracted towards each other, as the time moves on, they may move away from each other. There are very less chances of stability in the relation. Demanding nature of Aquarius may create cracks in the relation.