Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility in Friendship, Love and Life

Virgo and Sagittarius are an interesting mix of Zodiac signs. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, also known as Hermes in ancient Greek mythology, the messenger god related to speed and medicine. 

Sagittarius is ruled by the biggest planet in our solar system – Jupiter. Jupiter is also known as Zeus in Greek mythology, the greatest and most powerful god of all, who sat on his throne in the sky, watching over all other gods and mortals.

What you have when you put Virgo and Sagittarius together is a perfectionist and detail-oriented person (Virgo) with someone who sees the bigger picture and has eagle-eye vision (Sagittarius). 

They are both of the Mutable modality and make a square aspect to one another. Virgo is a feminine, Earth Zodiac sign, while Sagittarius is a masculine, Fire Zodiac sign. Virgo is a very introverted and shy Zodiac sign, while Sagittarius is a naturally adventurous, popular and extroverted sign. Astrologers say that being born Sagittarius, is being born with luck!

Virgo and Sagittarius Friendship 

Overall Compatibility

As friends, Virgo and Sagittarius are very different Zodiac signs with different missions in this world. Virgos see the “finer print” all the time, while Sagittarians constantly see “the bigger picture.” 

This works extremely well in business, whether the Virgo or the Sagittarius is the boss. They gain necessary information that they can practically use from one another. When it comes to friendship, they will step on each others’ toes from time to time, as they see the world very differently. They will often go around in different social circles, since Sagittarians are so extroverted and Virgos are so introverted and shy.

However, they can be exceptionally kind to each other once they realize they are fond of one another, and can be great platonic friends if their union doesn’t lead to love or marriage.

Overall Compatibility Rating: 6/10

Mutual Interests 

Both Virgos and Sagittarians have a passionate love of animals. Virgos adore domestic animals like cats and dogs, while Sagittarians enjoy the company of horses and wildlife. Therefore they are both passionate about wildlife causes and may enjoy a life of veganism together.

Sagittarians are either very spiritual or religious and this helps open Virgo up, as they can be closed to the idea of certain higher powers. Both these signs enjoy nature, and even though Sagittarians can handle many wild parties, they also enjoy the quiet that nature brings. Both these signs would enjoy living together in a house away from the city surrounded by the woods, streams and nature. However, Sagittarians would need to get into the city once in a while.

These two could easily go on hiking and camping trips together. Virgos are also curious and enjoy studying new things, as are Sagittarians who rule higher education. Both enjoy reading and writing. 

Mutual Interests Rating: 7/10


Virgos will, no doubt, always be more loyal than Sagittarians who naturally have a wandering eye. Sagittarians have the potential to cheat on their Virgo partners if they feel trapped or bored within the relationship. 

Virgos, on the other hand, will always try and work things out. Virgos view disloyalty harshly and may break up with their Sagittarian partners if they are disloyal to them. Virgos are extremely “virginal,” and are the type to only have sex after marriage, and sexual betrayal is possible with Sagittarians who constantly need adventure. 

However, once there is true love and respect between these two then loyalty should not be a problem, especially if these two are in their thirties and above, meaning they are more mature in life.

Loyalty Rating: 4/10


Once these two tear down each others’ walls and are vulnerable with each other, they can date and be in each other’s lives for a very long time. Virgos need to see that Sagittarians aren’t so upbeat and jokesters all the time, while Sagittarians need to see that Virgos can be happy and aren’t too anxious all the time.

These two can lift each other up, provided they surround themselves with positive people, friends and family who are good for the couple. They can create a very strong bond in business, friendship and love and can create a loving family from their union. They will both have very different parenting styles where the Virgo will always tell the kids to pick up the toys, while the Sagittarian will always bring home toys for the kids to scatter around the house.

Bond Rating: 7/10

Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility 

Overall Compatibility 

The Virgo man finds the Sagittarius woman exciting, although she scares him at first! She’s so naturally popular, extroverted, adventurous and wild, that he may assume they are completely different. However, they do naturally philosophize a lot and wonder about the Universe and how it came to be. A Sagittarius woman takes a Virgo man outside his comfort zone.

Overall Compatibility: 6/10


Virgo men find Sagittarius women extremely chatty and talkative. The Virgo man is naturally shy, introverted and keeps to himself. He chooses his words wisely. Meanwhile the Sagittarius woman is very blunt and just says whatever is on her mind, and she always speaks the truth. She may hurt the Virgo man at times with what she tactlessly says. However, the Sagittarius woman will always speak optimistically and of grander things to come! 

Communication Rating: 7/10

Sex and Love 


The Virgo man will always have a bed that is neat, and smells and looks fresh and new. He will usually be in very good shape and will have a lot of stamina in bed. However, he will never push a woman into having sex too fast. 

However, when it comes to a Sagittarian woman, she’s kind of like a wild animal in bed! She will look at the Virgo man’s body, when they first make love, as “new territory” that must be explored and conquered. The Virgo man will definitely feel drained after a night of passionate sex with his Sagittarian woman.


Once both these signs break down each others’ guarded walls, there’s a lot of love to be had. The Virgo man helps contain his Sagittarian woman and provides her with a lot of step-by-step guidance in life. By “containing” it only means that he helps her not be so all over the place, however it is completely her choice to accept guidance from him.

She will help him let loose, since he is so anxious all the time and can suffer badly with obsessive compulsive disorder tendencies. When these two get these flowing positively, they can create an amazing love between one another that is mutually beneficial. The Virgo man will always be proud of his fiery Sagittarian woman, while she will admire his hard work ethic and adherence to cleanliness.

Sex and Love Rating: 7/10

Shared Values

The Sagittarian woman believes that all cultures should integrate and all religions should be respected. Virgo men like to look into each religion and try to understand them. However, Virgo men can be very critical and may become stereotypical in judgment of certain races or religions. This is something this couple must work on.

They both share the value of service. The Virgo man always wants to serve at work, be responsible and do the best he can. Sagittarius women see the bigger picture and want to offer their services often as teachers and guides to other people. Their work needs to reach a lot of people and they will do whatever they can to make that happen.

Shared Values: 6 /10

Famous Celebrity Virgo Men Sagittarius Women Couples

Guy Ritchie and Jacqui Ainsley (Married with children)

Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian (Married with a daughter)

Bob and Ginny Newhart (Married with children)

Jonathan Schaech and Christina Applegate (Divorced)

Virgo Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility 

Overall Compatibility 

A Virgo woman can actually benefit a lot from a Sagittarius man. Just take a look at one of the most famous power couples on earth, Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Jay-Z came into Beyonce’s life and helped her expand her career. This is what Sagittarians do to Virgos, they take their detail-oriented lives and show them the big picture. They show them how to pave the way to success and fortune.

Overall Compatibility Rating: 7/10


Together, this couple may at times find that their communication experiences “roadblocks.” Unless the Sagittarius man is very disciplined, a Virgo woman may get irritated with how he can be so reckless and impulsive at times. As long as there is deep respect for one another, communication will be alright.

Sagittarius men can get frustrated at times with Virgo women, as they keep to themselves, and if there is a problem they will just say nothing, even when asked. The Sagittarian man will constantly say, “I’m not a mind reader, please tell me what is wrong.” The Virgo woman, if hurt or disappointed by him, will literally just say, “nothing.” Virgos are very sensitive, and tactless Sagittarians can hurt them a lot with their words. 

Overall Communication Rating: 6/10

Sex and Love


Sagittarius men can be reckless when it comes to sex and will lose their virginity at an early age. By the time they meet their Virgo lady, they will have been “players,” and will have slept with many women.

Virgo women, on the other hand, truly are quite virginal, due to the fact that they are rather shy and terrified of contracting any sort of sexually transmitted diseases. Sagittarius men actually find Virgo women’s “virginal” qualities very attractive, as they are not used to it. 

Virgo women, on the other hand, get excited by how Sagittarius men are so adventurous in bed and open up their sexual side by having lots of fun together under the sheets!

When the Virgo woman learns to trust her Sagittarius man, she can be very explorative in bed and may even enjoy using sex toys and dressing up. As long as she knows that she loves him and he loves her, and there is mutual respect between them, then sex can be a joyous and adventurous ride between this couple!


When it comes to love, these two can stand the test of time – provided the Sagittarius male doesn’t cheat on his Virgo lady, as he is always looking for new adventures. As far as “settling down” is concerned, this is a perfect couple when the time is right.

The Virgo women will always take care of her Sagittarius man and their children, making sure everything is organized and in perfect order within the home, while the Sagittarius male will bring fun into a loving relationship and take his Virgo woman outside of her comfort zone, so she can explore the world with him. He also makes a fun father, as the Virgo woman will be the strict disciplinarian of the home. 

Sex and Love Rating: 8/10

Shared Values

When it comes to shared values, both a Virgo woman and Sagittarius man know the value of hard work. They will never interfere with each others’ careers, only help one another. Virgo’s values are that of purity, perfection and love. Sagittarius’ values are that of great wisdom, a connection to god and spirituality, and the ability to be adventurous, wild and free-spirited. Their values are quite different but these two learn from one another and appreciate their differences.

Shared Values Rating: 7/10

Famous Celebrity Virgo Women Sagittarius Men Couples

Beyoncé and Jay-Z (Married with children)

Sophia Loren and Carlos Ponti (Sophia is a widow with 2 children)

Amy Maddigan and Ed Harris (Married with a daughter)

Giannina Facio and Ridley Scott (Married)


Sagittarius rules the 9th house of the Zodiac, which is all about philosophy, religion, culture, languages, travel and the media. Virgo rules the 6th house of the Zodiac, which is all about health, being of service, everyday work, routine, and domestic pets. Although these two Zodiac signs are very different, they have a lot to gain from one another’s company!