Virgo Man

Virgo Man is a hard-working and down-to-earth guy, who likes no unnecessary expression of emotion. If he has strong feelings for something, he usually keeps them to himself. Likewise, he prefers to be around people who are similarly reserved.

Appearance is the first thing for a Virgo Man. He is finicky about his own and others appearance too. Make sure you are well dressed while meeting him because poor grooming or poor hygiene is a turn off for a Virgo man. To earn even a glance from him, you’ll need to be clean and hair well in place. Woman who is a groomers by nature won’t face any issues to keep up with a Virgo Man. This man can become overly critical, conservative and inflexible at times.

When we talk about his outlook on life, a Virgo man may seem detached and cold, yet at times he can actually be quite extrovert and outgoing. This is because a Virgo’s perception is his reality. If he has a negative outlook, his life will include negativity, and he’ll often recoil into his inner feelings. On the other end, if he has a positive thinking, his life will experience productive and he will be a more pleasant, upbeat person to be around.

Virgo’s are great at putting their point. Every argument that he put forward is backed by a solid logical explanation which often makes them stubborn and judgmental about others and with him. He is bad at forgiving and forgetting the wrongdoings of others. Time is important for a Virgo Man, so make sure you don’t keep him waiting or he will consider this as an insult. Forget about criticizing him, he hates it. He likes to be a perfectionist and he definitely is one. He is among those who thinks he makes no mistakes and always do the right and appropriate thing.