How Astrology Work

Many people think astrology must be a load of old superstitious nonsense, with those who believe in it seriously deluded and out of touch with the real world.

However in truth, newspaper horoscopes are nothing more than a bit of entertainment—and for the most part, this is how a common man treats it. They contain generalized astrological information, which has little (or no) practical use.

Astrology, real astrology, is far more complex. People aren’t just their ‘Sun signs’. Of course, the date we were born does tell us which Sun sign we come under but each one of us is totally unique astrological.

To look at a person´s personality, an astrologer draws up an astrological chart, which is unique to that person, because an astrological chart is a diagram of the sky as it would have been seen at the time and place of birth.

An astrological chart is a unique as a fingerprint. Even twins will have some differences as they aren´t born at the exact same time, but they will definitely have a lot of similarities.

As the earth rotates, myriad different patterns are formed in the sky at any given moment. The Sun, and the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, all these are going to be seen against a backdrop of different constellations of stars – known as ´signs of the zodiac. Each of the planets can lie in a different Zodiac sign.

There are therefore a vast variety of different combinations. Given this fact and the link between the planetary positions and people’s characters one can see one of the main reasons why there would be so many different personalities inhabiting our planet. As an aside, Astrology does not believe personalities are formed solely with the growing process, it believes the fundamental makeup of a person is already there at birth just waiting to be expressed.

When we´re born, the planets could be visible anywhere at all of which is carefully noted in the chart. It’s a diagram within a large circle of 360 degrees which shows how everything would appear all around the earth including above and below each thing has an exact position which is measured in degrees and minutes, very precisely.

Art of Astrology is primarily derived upon the idea that there is a correspondence between what is going on with the position of the planets and the character of the individual born at that same moment in time. The foundation for this thought lies in the fact that the universe and all of its constituent parts are not separate entities but are all intrinsically related to each other in a unified whole.

A true astrology reading is based on the date, exact time and place of birth and is unique to every, single person as one’s fingerprint.

The planets are symbolic of energies that are within us, with each planet relating to a different aspect of our nature.

In order to understand how the planets in space can describe what is going on with us, it is vital to recognize that in life everything is connected and everything is one.

“The hands on the clock tell the time but they do not cause it.” Similarly, the position of the planets describes a person and the kinds of experiences they have in life—but do not cause them.

It is the study of all the energies behind life; the wiring under the boards called Life, while it contains science within it, does not function by purely scientific means.

Astrology is the oldest science in the world, and has been testing theory against experimental data which correlates the positions of the planets with human experience to discover meaning in our lives.

During the early period the Church stigmatized astrology because it was an art of scientific, and gave power to astrologers instead of priests. This prima facie led to astrology being seen as a superstition rather than science.

The deep truths about life will never be understood by the mind and explained by language. Yet, they can be experienced. Similarly astrology can also be experienced, although nobody will ever be able to prove it. The proof is in the individual, and the relevance that it has in that person’s life.

You could almost say that a person’s astrology chart is like a filter through which they see the world.

However the truth is that there is no single objective reality out there. Everybody sees and experiences the world slightly differently—even if you are standing next to somebody viewing the same landscape, you would not experience it in exactly the same way. You could both agree you are looking at a tree but how that tree looks to you will not be the same as for the other person.

Astrology makes a lot of things sensible and often provides answers to problems very quickly by shedding detailed accurate results by plotting an astrological chart. Some people don´t know their time of birth. However it is still possible to get a lot of very accurate information without the time. Astrological chart is basically a blueprint of your life and your personality. You would be amazed at how much information there is in a chart. Life becomes so much easier when we know what our strengths and weaknesses are instead of battling them and trying to somehow make ourselves into something we aren´t.

Studying the chart astrologers are not only able to look at the character, and to find out how someone behaves, but also to look at the person´s future which is the thing that fascinates most people.

Astrology is able to describe how somebody experiences the world, which is directly linked to what is going on inside of them. Again, one does not cause the other but there is a link between the two.

Astrology basically works because life’s a full circle. There exists a link between the source of life and space. A horoscope can be seen as a seed, programming each individual at the moment of the first breath with a personality and destiny and astrologers are able to convey this information to the individual.Astrology can tell u a lot about one’s personality from their horoscope – including their past and future. One can further disseminate this information on the basis of their career choices, relationships with family and friends, hobbies, finances and health.

The horoscope for a given person or event shows the nature of that person or event. One of the greatest gifts of understanding your own birth chart is the realization that you are the way you are for a reason. Each life has certain outstanding talents and qualities to be nurtured and each chart shows challenges to be overcome, certain factors to be endured, and lessons to be learned.

There are some who may claim that astrology cannot possibly work. They consider themselves scientific and dismiss astrology as an absurd superstition, but they betray their own selves by summarily rejecting something they’ve never studied or given attention to understand the subject in detail. In order to ascertain on which way astrology falls learn a few basic principles about astrology and try to read the horoscopes of famous people and what astrological links can be credited to their excellence in their respective fields. Thus astrology will no longer exists as a matter of belief, but evidence. Look for yourself – it is really interesting! It would open you to a new realm of science mysterious yet so appealing.

An Astrologer, like all good scientists, must use his/her knowledge in combination with a developed intuition. An astrologer can enlighten you as to why certain things keep happening and guide you to the best way to overcome the challenges that life throws your way keeping you well prepared in times of distress.

It can also reveal hidden talents, indicate what career you are best suited to, what lessons you are supposed to learn and how to align your life in a way that brings genuine peace, happiness and fulfillment.

Astrologers know from experience that astrology works, and they prefer to spend their time on the interpretation of horoscopes rather than going with the herd instincts about astrology being superstitious.

A happy life, full of love, is every single person’s dream. Astrology serves as a tool guiding you to closer to this way of being. Although one can surely live without astrology but it offers help to those who practice it or to those who seek advice from it.

Astrology claims neither to give an answer about the purpose of life, nor to be absolutely reliable, in spite of the fact that the explanation of its functioning is unknown… it nevertheless delivers obvious results.Astrologyhas stood the test of time. No scientific study has ever been able to, and never will, prove astrology through large-scale statistical study. And yet it works consistently for individual people and individual readings making their life more enjoyable and peaceful.