Leo and Libra Compatibility in Friendship, Love, and Life

Leo and Libra are a match made in heaven! There is a lot of understanding between these two, especially because they are both extroverted, masculine signs whose Elements are good for one another. Leo is Fire, and Libra is Air, a wonderful combination, indeed. 

Leo is ruled by the Sun, also known as Apollo in Greek mythology, the god of music and the Sun, as well as healing and poetry. He had a lot of vitality, was beautiful, and was one of his father Zeus’ favorite children. Libra is ruled by Venus, which never travels too far from the Sun. Venus is also known as Aphrodite, the goddess of love in Greek mythology, and was a beautiful goddess who was very sensual and had many affairs.

These two Zodiac signs get along like a house on fire, are meant to be lovers, and are destined for matrimony. Let’s find out more, shall we!

Leo and Libra Friendship 

Overall Compatibility

These two make the best of friends. They really “get” each other. They both appreciate the company of people, and Leo admires the fact that Libra is a hopeless romantic who never gives up on love.

Libra loves the fact that Leos are so warm and generous and bring the light of sunshine wherever they go. The spotlight truly always shines on them, and Libra is only too happy to be in their company. Libras actually feed off Leo’s energy and Leos never feel drained by Libras company. 

These two support each other in friendship, always able to talk to one another for hours on end and understand each others’ ideas easily. Conversation runs smoothly between these two and they have a lot of fun together when they step out the door. 

Overall Compatibility Rating: 9/10

Mutual Interests 

Both Leos and Librans value having good connections with people. They both have a love of music and fashion, good food, and luxury. These two are in danger when bringing their credit cards with them, as they can really go overboard when shopping!

Leos’ hair will always be thick and luscious and well taken care of, and Librans will also always be well groomed with nary a hair out of place! They love wearing color! Librans tend to enjoy pastels, while Leos love the colors of fire – reds, oranges, yellows and golds!

They both enjoy looking after their bodies, partying and dancing, and don’t mind staying up till late at night on weekends having fun. It’s all about a work/life balance, and Libra knows about this all too well!

Mutual Interests Rating: 9/10


Leos never give up on love, and neither do Librans. Leos generous heart always looks for someone to give love to, no matter how many break-ups they go through (just look at die-hard romantic Jennifer Lopez Affleck). 

All Librans want in their lives are romance and marriage, and Leos want a lot of children. Together this pair can have a very steady relationship and big family. They will always be loyal to one another, provided they have good communication and are always honest.  

Loyalty Rating: 8/10


There is a strong bond between these two. There is a natural sextile aspect between them, which is one of the best aspects to have for love. Libra’s Air element, flows beautifully with Leo’s Fire element. They are truly made for one another. 

These two have the potential to see it to the end because there is genuine understanding, admiration, respect and care between one another. Their bond will always be strong, even if they break up, they will normally remain friends.

Bond Rating: 9/10

Leo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility 

Overall Compatibility 

When a Leo man first notices a Libra woman, he will be taken aback by her natural beauty. After all, she has Venus, the planet of love, ruling her. She always steps out the front door looking beautiful with perfect make-up applied, smelling gorgeous covered in the best perfume; how can he not notice her?

She, on the other hand, will notice him from afar, as he is quite extroverted and loud, and people take notice of him. Leo men are often quite good-looking, as they are so energetic and vibrant, and this is always sexy.

When they first meet, invisible sparks will suddenly go off, and they will feel a surge of energy run throughout each other’s bodies – an important connection has just been made. They will start off as good friends and lovers and may soon progress into a committed relationship.

Overall Compatibility: 9/10


The flow of communication will be really smooth. Leo men like the spotlight to be on them and will talk about themselves a lot. Libra women, on the other hand, are really great listeners and will give their Leo men all the attention they crave.

Leo men enjoy what Libra women have to say. They never get too deep or emotional and keep things light and positive. There is always good energy in the flow of communication between these two!

Communication Rating: 8 /10

Sex and Love 


When these two finally get into bed, they have enormous fun with each other. They never get too “dirty” but are open to trying things like role-playing and dressing up! The Leo man will always be very gentle with his Libra woman the first few times they make love, as he will see her as precious.

She will want to pleasure her Leo man as much as possible. He loves all the attention given to his body and will love her erotic affection. The Libra woman will also admire her Leo man’s body as he usually has a strong and hairy chest and just oozes sex appeal for her.  


These two are destined for love! Venus never travels too far from the Sun. This planet and giant star that rule these signs, respectively, are in constant poetic motion! Theirs is a love built on fun, admiration, respect, good times, and joy!

The Leo man will treat his Libra woman very well and will always defend her. He will love having her on his arm, especially as he likes to look good, and she always looks spectacular! He will always be fond of her.

However, this is not a relationship built on superficiality. Once they connect and are in a deep and committed relationship, they will open up with each other more. He will explain how it’s so hard sometimes to live a life always wanting to get noticed and it doesn’t always happen. She, on the other hand, will speak about how a life without harmony affects her peace of mind so much.

They both make loving and giving parents, spoiling their children and giving them everything they didn’t grow up with. There will be a lot of genuine joy and happiness in this family, in a home that is beautifully decorated by the Libran woman.

Sex and Love Rating: 10/10

Shared Values

Both Leo and Libra value authenticity and honesty. She is very objective and fair and he is open to hearing both sides to a story. However, he will often make the topic about him. They are good people who wish to bring happiness to this world.

They value beauty and taking care of themselves and the things they own. They know the value of money, and take care of it wisely, although they will go on shopping sprees together from time to time! They also value friendships and family and prioritize them highly.

Shared Values: 8/10

Famous Celebrity Leo Men Libra Women Couples

Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilson (Married with children)

James Cameron and Linda Hamilton (Divorced with a child)

Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet (Divorced with children)

Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews  (Married with children. Julie is now a widow.)

Leo Woman and Libra Man Compatibility 

Overall Compatibility 

The Leo woman craves attention, and adores the kind of attention that the Libra man gives her. He is charming and full of compliments. She will notice him because of the way he carries himself and his beauty, and he will notice how vivacious she is!

Together they get on really well. They are highly compatible, making them one of the best Sun Sign combinations for love and marriage. Together, they make a great couple and have a lot in common to talk about.

Overall Compatibility Rating: 9/10


Leo women are extremely expressionate and must be heard! They love having a lot of fun and Libra men are there to listen to them, make them feel important, and have fun with them. There is drama in this kind of relationship, but fun drama, not the emotional energy-sucking type.

There will be lots of texts sent over the course of the day! In this relationship, both will enjoy sending selfies and texts, as well as voice messages, calling each other, and communicating when together in a calm and enjoyable way! 

Note, though, that both these partners are too classy to send nudes via text to one another, it’s just not their style. The furthest the Leo woman will go is by sending tantalizing pictures of herself wearing satin pajamas, or desirable and classy lingerie. 

Overall Communication Rating: 9/10

Sex and Love


Leo women are “tigers” in bed, but they always keep it classy! They will slowly undress wearing the nicest lingerie they could find, preferably in black or red, and will dominate their Libra men sexually.

However, they will also enjoy being dominated themselves. Libra men are charming and good-looking. They enjoy pleasing their Leo women as much as their Leo women enjoy pleasing them. They will also tease each other sexually a lot in public, while no one is looking, of course!

They are a couple that have fun with luxurious food that acts as aphrodisiacs and are happy to sit down to a delicious meal of oysters and champagne, followed by strawberries dipped in dark chocolate, before “getting it on.” 


A Libra man will always treat a Leo woman like the queen she is. She commands respect and cannot feel fulfilled in a loving relationship without it! She will give him the balance and harmony he needs by injecting fun and more beauty into his life.

This is a beautiful union, and the Leo woman will want to have children soon after marriage. She craves a big and loving family, just as much as the Libra man does. These two will be adored by their children.

Before marriage, this couple should go out as much as possible, exploring the world together, attending concerts and parties on yachts and in hotels. They should eat the finest food and dance under the stars until the sun rises. This match is fated!  

Sex and Love Rating: 10/10

Shared Values

Both the Leo woman and Libra man value beauty, authenticity, trust, generosity, and love. They want a harmonious life and value their close friendships. This is a couple who brings friends into their relationship, often hosting parties for them, or going out with them.

It’s important to the Leo woman that her family approves of her Libra man, and it’s important that the Libra man’s family sees his Leo woman as a future wife. Therefore, family is really important to them.

They also value having a good time, positive vibes, and fun! They know that the world is more than just hard work and taking everything so seriously. They want to enjoy a long and wonderful life together. 

Shared Values Rating: 9/10

Famous Celebrity Leo Women Libra Men Couples

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer (Married with children)

Patti Scialfa and Bruce Springsteen (Married with children)

Luciana Barroso and Matt Damon (Dated for many years)

Rosalyn Carter and Jimmy Carter (Married with children)

Leo and Libra: Our Thoughts

Leo rules the 5th house of fun, intimate pleasure, children, vacations, and creativity. Libra rules the 7th house of love, partnerships, relationships, and marriage. Fire and Air always work well together, supporting and helping each other grow. Together, these Zodiac signs are a pair made in heaven! They are definitely #relationshipgoals!