Aries and Pisces

Aries and Pisces Compatibility

The Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, while Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. The Aries and Pisces have very nice compatibility. The Aries is very open hearted and lively person, while Pisces may not open up very easily with others and he is a little imaginative person. The Aries person likes to face challenges and will never give up until their objective is met.

Whereas, the Pisces is does not welcome challenges and does each and everything so properly that a problem will never arise. This factor helps them considerably to go together nicely in their life together. The Aries and Pisces have very good quality of understanding each other. In spite of contrasting ways of doing things they have good understanding for each other. The Aries can encourage a Pisces person for its escaping tendencies, while the Pisces can give a good support for aggressive and short-tempered Aries person.

Aries and Pisces Relationships:

The Aries and Pisces also have a good relationship with each other. The aggressive nature of Aries and emotional nature of Pisces really works positively for both of them. The Aries however needs to control its short-tempered behavior which at some point hurt emotional Pisces deeply. The Pisces person can give a good emotional support to the Aries and help him to pacify the unnecessary fears.

The Aries sometimes may get very irritated with the imaginative and the unrealistic behavior of the Pisces person. The Pisces are not over demanding, they feel more satisfy with whatever nice comes to their way. So the Pisces person does keep demanding for any gifts from their Aries partner. The Aries on the other hand likes to give different gifts to their Pisces partner.

The Pisces may on some occasions become very romantic with self-written poetries and with different gifts. The Aries likes to express their love continuously when they feel to their Pisces partner. The Aries likes to take initiation for starting the relation, while a Pisces person may not easily initiate a love between the two. One of the important factors between the Aries and Pisces is that the Pisces is one of the best partners who can understand the Aries properly.

Aries and Pisces Friendship:

The Aries and Pisces have a nice friendship between themselves. The Aries and Pisces person can make best when they work on a particular project. The Aries can initiate any of the new tasks boldly while a Pisces friend can silently keep proper watch over the progress of the project. The Aries and Pisces both may take some time to become close friends, however once they become close friends they can work very constructively. At sometimes it may happen that a little misunderstanding can create a gap between the Aries and Pisces person.

However, both of them need to manage their ego to maintain the good relationship. On the surface the Aries and Pisces may have contrasting behavior, however they are very nice friends who can balance each other nicely. The Aries is ready to any courageous step to help his Pisces friend, the Pisces can provide all possible help to its Pisces friend.