Gemini and Leo

Gemini and Leo compatibility

Both the zodiac signs have adventurous by nature.  Their common interests make them love the company of others. Their conversations will turn out interesting always. Few distinctive traits of Gemini will ignite jealous in Leo.  Both the zodiac signs are linked with lot many similarities which allows them to function together very smoothly.  An important spark of excitement in Gemini and Leo compatibility is there are enough number of differences to make the relation worsen further. Gemini brain is flexible enough to give the importance that is demanded by LEO and LEO on the other hand has a good capability to give firm base to Gemini’s restlessness.

Though may have many interests in common, few good differences will have chance of creating problems in the relation. Leo is sensitive and passionate whereas Gemini is detached. As LEO is more possessive, they may not encourage all the interests of Gemini.They are bad listeners to each other’s needs. Leo would always want to hold primary importance in the relationship which at times is not taken seriously by Gemini. There may be clash about Gemini trait of being double minded always. There are good chances of facing compatibility problems due this reason.

To strengthen the relationship that lasts longer, Gemini needs curb their flirtatiousness a bit and emotional Leo needs to share their stage often with Gemini because they sometimes need limelight as well.

Both of you cannot grow in each other’s presence , each of you have good understanding about self. Try to remember this throughout your relation.

Gemini and Leo friendship

Gemini and Leo friendship can be a great partnership. As people with these zodiac signs have a problem is supporting each other’ growth, they may not make a good relation.  They both have the attitude of not taking few things serious enough so, they will have a good fun in palling around together. There is in fact lot of optimism in their friendship.  They would in fact understand the things better together than they would alone.  Both the zodiac signs are energetic in nature , they can come up with good ideas and common goals. 

Gemini man and Leo woman

Except few patches, Gemini  and LEO has great compatibility. As the conversation between them is quite energetic and interesting always, there are no chances of boredom in their relation. However, it is important for Gemini man to control his flirt nature and Leo women should also give enough space for her man to enjoy freedom.

Leo man and Gemini woman

They have very good chances of getting together. Both the people love socializing others in the parties and the couple stands as center of attraction.  He always loves her passion for life and adventurous nature. Gemini woman will fall in love with generous nature of Leo man.  The best thing they should learn to sustain their relationship is to complement each other.