Leo and Leo

It is fantastic love match when two Leos join together. They draw a good deal of attention from others.  Two such zodiac signs deserve one another. They represent a wonderful combination when it comes to socializing or inspiring others in romance or heading a group. The people with zodiac signs generally have good looks.

The pair roars with good energy and enthusiasm of two born leaders. The compatibility between Leo and Leo will survive when two people compete to drown the other out.Both the partners love attention from each other which will be certainly available in public. As both the couple comes from the same zodiac sign they are good at understanding where one other is coming from.  They are good at magnifying others strong points too. This in fact helps the partner to be more confident which he/ she could never have achieved individually. Their chances of success will greatly increase due to such acts.

At the same time, the couple suffers high risk in their relation too. Ego clashes and competitiveness   may cause disturbance in their relation because of their like mindedness. There are chances of magnifying the weakness of the partner because both the couple has the tendency to be arrogant and bossy at times. Tough the couple has respect for the achievements of the other, there is always a rivalry because both like bossism, and they may burst out in form of bitching and fights.

Leo and Leo friendship

Friendship between Leo and Leo is a combination of powerful vibrant spirits. Surprising everybody they could maintain harmonious relationship and neither could not miss the other. The partnership between two is filled with good deal of energy and restlessness. Both the partners crave to lead the relation and don’t like to give it to anyone not even to each other.

There will be true testing period in their relation. Leo loves comfort and works hard to fetch the things that life offers them. Yet, they don’t hesitate to share it with others as long as it helps them to exhibit their dignity.  To maintain the good relation between two, both the partners should learn to control their ferocity. Leo always looks for excitement in life and wants admiration from the others always. If both the LEOs are friends, both could pamper each other in this aspect.

Leo man and Leo woman

People that fall under the zodiac sign are self- centered. The partners crave for attention, they love to be center of attraction at any point of time in life so, and they dominate each other.  The relations between this energetic pair will either a great success or disaster. They can survive in the long term relation when both of them could respect other’s prospective.