Libra Woman

Passionate, confident and multi-talented is what better describes a Libra woman better. She loves to be surrounded by luxuries and comforts, and she is capable of affording them. Flirting is in her nature, but her flirting is quite harmless. What is she craving for when it comes to relationship is commitments. When she gets into a relationship, she tries to maintain a balance. She will never dominate nor get dominated because she believes in sharing responsibilities. She will always respect her partner and put him as her priority.

Another side of a Libra woman is that she is a debut ant. Venus has bestowed the gift of flirtatiousness and charm to Libra in spades, and Libra woman are well aware of wielding these gifts to her greatest advantage. If you have a Libra friend, she will prove to be an asset for everything and in every advice, right from choosing the right outfit for a date to smoothing a heated situation with her trademark diplomacy. People can hardly resist the charms of this Venus ruled lady.

She is dedicated in finding love. As the sign represents, she is looking for a partner to balance her life. At the same time, she expects to be treated equally and can’t stand being put down or treated poorly. There are things you need to know about Libra woman compatibility with other Sun signs that will make finding love a lot easier.

She is excellent at influencing and her lover may not understand exactly how she gets her way, but she will do this every time. She will tease you, seduce you and make sure you agree to what she is up to. She is accommodating and flexible and will carefully consider different opinions from people. If logically convinced she will change her minds, without being stubborn.

Though, she is a balanced individual, she can actually lose her temper. However, you can relax as she is great at restoring the balance and harmony, and will get back to her usual self soon. So handle her with care and you will spend the best time of your life.