Aries and Leo Compatibility in Friendship, Love, and Life

Aries and Leo make a vivacious coupling indeed! They make a Trine aspect to one another as they are both part of the Fire element. They’re masculine, extroverted signs that easily get along. Aries is part of the Cardinal Modality while Leo is part of the Fixed Modality.  

Aries is ruled by Mars, also known as Ares in Greek mythology, the god of war. He was a very powerful god that loved to battle. The Sun rules Leo, and is Apollo according to Greek mythology. He was the beautiful and handsome god of music, light, and poetry, as well as healing.

These Zodiac signs get along extremely well! They truly understand one another. Let’s dig deeper into the aries leo compatibility!

Aries and Leo Friendship 

Overall Compatibility

There is a lot of understanding between Aries and Leo. Aries enjoys the adrenalin rush that life has to offer, with all its challenges that must be conquered, and Leo enjoys an active life where they can apply their creativity and passion to projects. 

Aries people adore the fact that Leos are so gregarious, passionate, creative and generous, and Leos love the “let’s-get-going!” attitude of Cardinal Aries people who always get things initiated and started.

These two enjoy their friendship, as there is so much to do together and they even like each other’s friends, whom they often mix with! 

Overall Compatibility Rating: 9/10

Mutual Interests 

Both these signs fall into the Northern hemisphere of the houses, which is all about the self, and taking care of one’s own life, usually above others. Aries is all about “me, me, me,” while Leo is always thinking “shine that spotlight on me!” So, these two can be very egocentric characters, and understand that about themselves, and also forgive that quality that can be so narcissistic.  

Both these Zodiac signs are active signs and like doing things. Aries loves getting a hard workout and being in nature, running, climbing and challenging their bodies. Leos are also well known for exercising hard (just take a look at Jennifer Lopez, Jason Momoa, Chris Hemsworth and Madonna). 

They are also attracted to warm colors, heat and the element of fire, as they enjoy being surrounded by candles when they relax. 

Mutual Interests Rating: 9/10


Provided these two have a lot of fun with each other, and stimulate each other on a friendship, romance and sexual level, they won’t be looking elsewhere, not with Aries’ quick temper. Leos know that if they cheat on their Aries’ partners they’ll be in big trouble.

Leos rule the heart and don’t necessarily cheat – perhaps when they’re in their 20’s and fooling around, but not when they’re looking to settle down and have children with someone they love. If Aries ever cheats, and it is not too common in this relationship, it will be a quick and fast love affair with someone, and often Leo won’t even find out about it. 

Loyalty Rating: 8/10


When these two first lay their eyes upon one another, magic happens, as fire ignites in their souls. They recognize that they are kindred souls and instantly want to get to know each other more on a deeper level.  

There will always be a strong, and often unbreakable, bond between them and they will care for each other deeply. Aries and Leo are among the most powerful and vibrant souls of the Zodiac and together they make the Earth move!

Bond Rating: 9/10

Aries Man and Leo Woman Compatibility 

Overall Compatibility 

When an Aries man notices a Leo woman for the first time, he appreciates her energy, because it is fierce. She, on the other hand, appreciates his directness and fearlessness. Together, they get along, like a house on fire!

This is a couple that like action over talking. When they say they’ll do things together, they don’t procrastinate. Weekends are fun for this couple, who enjoy time away from work, to relax in each others’ arms.

These two are extremely compatible and there isn’t a reason they shouldn’t get along. The Leo woman can handle Aries quick temper, as it dies down quickly and he has no problem when she wants to hog the spotlight!

Overall Compatibility: 9/10


Communication flows with ease here. Both of them aren’t afraid to make the first move, so communication is equal among them. They both talk directly to one another without beating around the bush.

These two also enjoy sending each other texts with emojis and GIFS, pictures and sexy images. No doubt the Aries man will send the Leo female many images of himself from the gym, which she will actually enjoy!

Communication Rating: 9 /10

Sex and Love 


These two are not about Kinky or BDSM sex. They are about passion, heat and raw animalistic energy. You have the male goat and the female lion in bed here and when they first get it on, it will be a very passionate affair!

A Leo woman is very generous, by nature, and she won’t stop doing whatever she needs to until her male Aries is satisfied. Being an Aries male, he may orgasm quickly, but he will need to remember to satisfy his Leo lady afterwards.


Love is written in the stars where these two are concerned. An Aries man never gives up on his “prey.” If he has his eyes on her, he will pull out whatever charm he has inside himself to woo her. He’s not the type that’s into heavy romantic gestures, but will do so in order to capture a Leo woman’s attention.

Once a Leo woman falls hard for an Aries man she can’t stop thinking about him. He’s not full of drama, and she really appreciates that! She also appreciates his athletic prowess, which most Aries men (and women) have!

Theirs is a love that can last a lifetime, and the love between them will always be strong, as there is always a strong bond that permeates any sort of fighting or disagreements. They love the fact that they are so “into” one another, and don’t get bored of each other.

He may quickly fall in love with her, as Aries men are actually extremely passionate. She, on the other hand, takes her time to see where the relationship goes. If things turn out well, she’ll definitely push him for marriage and children at least after the first two years of dating.

As parents, he will push his children to work out from an early age and get as physical as possible. He’ll be a really fun Dad, taking the kids out to camping trips and spending time outdoors challenging their bodies, such as climbing small hills. She will be an extremely generous mother that spoils her kids and loves them very much. They make wonderful parents! 

Sex and Love Rating: 10/10

Shared Values

Because they are both so direct, they really value honesty. They see through lies instantly and have no time for it. They also like getting things done fast and hard, so that they can move on to the next project, as they want to conquer the world together!

These two also value life! They appreciate being alive and try to stay happy for as long as possible. They are not the kind of Zodiac signs to mope around feeling depressed or sorry for themselves. 

Shared Values: 8/10

Famous Celebrity Aries Men Leo Women Couples

Renn Hawkey and Vera Farmiga (Married with children)

Paul and Julie Rudd (Married with children)

Edgar Wright and Anna Kendrick (Dated for a few years) 

Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson (Married with children)

Aries Woman and Leo Man Compatibility 

Overall Compatibility 

Aries women don’t take nonsense from anyone and when they see Leo men, they get excited. This is because Leo men are loud, proud and confident of who they are, and this appeals to equally confident Aries women.

These two often start off as lovers, as there is so much sexual chemistry between them, and they are compatible right off the bat. An Aries woman and Leo man can talk for hours on end and never get bored of each other.

Overall Compatibility Rating: 9/10


Aries women don’t beat around the bush and they say it like it is. Leo men can take this harsh side of their communication style and appreciate their directness. Together they discuss fun things that inspire them.

The Aries woman won’t spend her whole day on the phone sending texts, so the Leo man should not expect this. However, she can expect many texts from the Leo man who is constantly daydreaming about her.

They don’t express things emotionally, and rather express how they feel through physical gestures and actions. They communicate easily with one another.

Overall Communication Rating: 9/10

Sex and Love


The Leo man needs to be in good shape, as Aries women are “fitness freaks” and take excellent care of their bodies. She will give him a real workout in bed and will be highly disappointed if he ends up being a “one-minute” man. 

Aries women enjoy Leo men between the sheets, as they are so generous and don’t stop until their women orgasm in ecstasy! She will appreciate this, as she knows she can be selfish at times when getting sexual, only pleasing herself.

They can be kinky at times, getting naughty in public where she’ll slip a pair of underwear into her Leo man’s lap just to tease him. This is good, as it keeps things spicy! Together they make a very hot sexual pair!


In love, a Leo man is generous and gives all of his heart. The Aries woman is very careful not to get hurt or develop feelings too soon in the relationship. Both partners will fall deeply in love with one another once they learn to trust each other.

Leo men are very creative and can be highly romantic, buying gifts like flowers, chocolate, perfume, and lingerie for their Aries women. She enjoys this, but is not hugely romantic herself. The biggest way she shows love is by putting her Leo man’s needs above hers at times, which she finds very hard to do – this is not in Aries’ nature.

He will want to get married after a few years of dating and will try to convince his Aries woman to settle down. This is not easy, as she loves her independence. Eventually, as the years go by, and she matures, she will want to settle down and have a family with her Leo man if she loves him.

She will make a great Mom that encourages the children to be the best at everything they do. He will be a great Dad, telling the children that they are the best just as they are. Together an Aries Mom and Leo Dad can raise a strong and magnificent family full of love and strong, confident children who believe in themselves.

Sex and Love Rating: 10/10

Shared Values

Aries women have certain political beliefs and strong opinions on matters of the world, and Leo men appreciate their strong characters. Leo men also have deep ingrained feelings politically and if they share those beliefs it makes their relationship a whole lot stronger.

Both an Aries woman and Leo man are fighters, and it doesn’t matter how much life knocks them down, they always wipe off the dust and get back up on their feet. They both have a lot of tenacity.

These two want a life full of adventure and fun. They want to be happy together and enjoy spaces and energy where positive vibes beam. An Aries woman and Leo man can really conquer the world together!

Shared Values Rating: 9/10

Famous Celebrity Aries Woman Leo Man Couples

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith (Married with a child)

Rose Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Stateham (Engaged with a child) 

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck (Divorced with children)

Grace Hightower and Robert De Niro (Divorced with children)

Aries Leo Compatibility: Our Thoughts

Aries rules the 1st house of the self, and Leo rules the 5th house of creativity, fun, vacations, love affairs and children. Put the two in a mixing pot and you get a wonderful creation of true love and togetherness. Aries and Leo truly are designed for one another and together, their union can last a life-time!