Leo Woman

If you find a lady entering every occasion with a spectacular designer outfit – then she will be a Leo Woman. A combination of sensitive and strong, careful and charismatic, her taste is superb and unfailing. Like a lioness, she would rather prefer having one stunning outfit in her wardrobe than 20 cheap ones. She is craving for respect and can go to any extent for being noticed and remembered. She is naturally a spendthrift and don’t even point out on her expenses. Yet she is spontaneous, creative and warm, and you will have fun with this lioness.

This lioness is not the one to be turned into a meek pushed around person. If you are dating a Leo woman, don’t even expect her to bend to every single wish of yours.  If she is with you, consider yourself lucky, because she is extremely choosy in selecting a mate.  She is royalty and definitely has high standards. When she is happy with you, her eyes will speak, but the moment she feels that she is no longer the center of your affections get ready to be clawed. She is too dignified to take any crap from anyone.  She will keep her claws hidden, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t sharpening them. She loves to be the apple of your eye.  

You may get upset with her for her occasional arrogance, but honestly it is just in her nature to feel special because she is. Most people ignore this trait of hers, because Leo women tend to be a warm hearted and generous woman you will ever meet. Be with her for some time and you will find her the most smart, entertaining, funny, dazzling, and yet so feminine at the same time. This is why she is so special. Keep complimenting her and it will get you very far. 

Leo woman is a tough leader with a real soft side. She might look like a ferocious lioness on the outside, but the inner cub is still in there. She is seemingly fearless and optimistic. If she is with a group of shy people, then she will take the action and lead everyone else through the door. She is the leader of her pack. She is actually great at managing everything. Right from handling a restaurant bill, to planning a night out or convincing people to stay out later. People put down what you’re putting out.