Capricorn Man

The Capricorn Man prefers to lead life with rules. Extremely goal oriented and determined, he believes in having a well-constructed plan to achieve success. He is very practical and serious about achieving what he wants mostly: social status, respect and financial security.

You will find him engrossed and often losing himself in attaining is goals, he will do it with integrity and honesty. Self-motivated, patient and down to earth, Capricorn man are difficult to understand with number of different personality traits which often confuses their partners in the beginning of a relationship. Though, your man is emotional and romantic like anyone else, he will repress in expressing his emotions.

You will find him very cautious by nature and he is not among people who rush into anything, so don’t get upset if he appears to be plain with his gestures. He is looking for a relationship that lasts. He will go to any extent to ensure that you are the right bet and the evaluation process can be lengthy. He prefers to meet new people through reliable sources like friends and family. friends and family. He likes to hangout at enjoyable places
where he doesn’t feel awkward. To a Capricorn Man, relationships are obligations and he takes it very seriously. He is scared of commitment because he knows he will give it all.

According to the sun sign, the Goat is often a loner who allows very few people in his circle because they are shy. Because of their suspicious nature, you need to prove your reliability before being his friend. If you are become successful in winning his heart, a Capricorn man will be dependable, supportive and a loyal companion.

But remember if you ever break his trust don’t think about getting a second chance. The Goat moves on and never look back. Capricorn are known for their efficiency, industriousness and organizing qualities. They are meticulous with details and adopt a rather conventional posture in life and business. Being too patient, a Capricorn Man will wait for his ship to come.