Capricorn Woman

Success is all that a Capricorn woman wants. Whether it is in career or as a homemaker, she typically doesn’t leave things incomplete. Practical outlook and goals often characterize this lady. Externally reserved, the Capricorn woman is a complex bundle of self discipline, practicality and endearing modesty in selected areas, reserving her sexy wild and fun side exclusively for people who are close to her. When it comes to love, she is careful and slow.

Not among the ones who wander from one flirtation to another. A Capricorn woman puts her feet well planted. If you suggest something new to her and she isn’t sure, you need to give her some time. Never ever try to force her or she will resist for sure.

When you look at the zodiac wheel, Capricorn (the goat sign) rules the house of masculinity. It means that this woman considers herself the male in a romantic relationship. Her ambition, voracious sexual appetite and stoic nature can be too intimidating for men. If her Mom and Dad don’t approve, her partner doesn’t stand a chance because family values are important to a Capricorn woman.

This earthy sign is quite homely and prefers a nap on the sofa rather than a night out in town. She is capable of running a household single-handedly. Efficiency is synonym to her name and organization is her playing field. Her family will be dressed in crisp clean clothes and well-fed. Her children will be lucky to get amazing packed lunches that she will prepare for them each day.

The Capricorn women are compatible with different signs, as long as they’re willing to work for it. The Capricorn woman thrives on a challenge and gravitates toward innately difficult matches, such as Aries, Gemini and Scorpio. Virgo and Taurus are also good matches for them, but a lasting relationship needs compromise from both the sides.

One thing that you should always hang on is that nothing disappoints a Capricorn woman than improper manners. Social graces are just a part of her personality. You will find her children polite and respectful to others. This etiquette is no show-off, but in fact a part of their daily family living.