Gemini and Gemini Compatibility

Are you planning you partner with the person of your same sign Gemini? You have taken a right path to check the compatibility between the two people. When two Gemini’s partner, it is just like four people coming together, (as the sign is represented by twins).  There is plenty of adventure and romance when one Gemini falls in love with the other. They find each other amusing, entertaining and they love to try anything together. 

However, these Gemini partners have to suffer with clash of wills because both the partners love to debate and has a tendency to interrupt what the other is talking. This could lead to arguments and hamper the relationships. Gemini should always try to establish a good communication between the two to enjoy fruitful relation. They should also learn to respect each other’s opinion.

Though both the partners find their relation exciting, there is a danger that both started to get bored with other behavior.  They are in fact very possessive in nature and they will easily become jealous  if the other partner is consistently becoming close to others. Both the partners should learn to cut down their restlessness and impatience and move towards commitment to maintain a healthy relation.

Gemini and Gemini Friendship

Friendship between two Geminis’s is more likely to be friendship between four people rather than two because of their dual nature. As both love freedom, both would  permit and love these traits in each other.  Their sense of humors and intelligence make them a good pair. However, they will enjoy a great relationship when they love to collaborate rather than contending each other. As like minded people, they will always have more to explore together.   Your friendship calendar will be always full with parties and festivals especially during the holiday’s time.

Unlike other zodiac signs, Gemini’s have a good ability to analyze both sides of the situation when the problem arises so, the chances of disturbances and misunderstandings are less between both of you.  Both will always find something new in the relation because you love to communicate and always have interesting thoughts and opinions to share.  This winning combination can in fact withstand your friendship for long time.

Gemini man and Gemini Woman

You will have dynamic and energetic relationship and will get bored so easily because they have the same need for intellectual stimulation and nearly-endless communication.  As you both are restless, your relation is somewhat unstable.

Both the partners have same traits, neither of the partners is over emotional which is very important to keep up the relationship. You both as partners love hectic life style so, you will have very little time for each other.  You may need to set a time purposefully to spend with each other; otherwise it is unlikely to happen. Gemini’s have tendency to think from the mind rather than heart, this may also create compatibility issues in their relation.  however, fact, the other partner can keep them amused for the long time with desire to debate and talk.