Leo Man

Dynamic, confident, motivated and big-thinker – these are synonyms to describe a Leo Man. Ruled by the Sun, the Leo man is warm-hearted and extrovert. He can never go unnoticed. His presence and powerful masculinity is immediately felt. He is great at arts and extremely creative. He is among the leaders, not followers.

Leo Man is meant to achieve and ruled by the power source of the solar system – the Sun, he long for authority and power. So whether it is a relationship or a venture, he would like to be in-charge. Make sure you never question his in intentions, doubt his dreams or become competitive. These are the sure shot ways to lose him. Yes, flatter him and mould him as you want. All he needs is to be admired and praised. Look at the symbol – a lion, so don’t forget that he intends to be the “king of the jungle” – at least in his own mind.

When it comes to business, with the right control and command, a Leo man can prove out to be successful. He always proves to be an excellent leader. With his amazing ability to get along with people he can be very diplomatic and delegate people well, however a Leo man could NOT take orders. He prefers in giving orders and with his cheerfulness and enthusiasm, people won’t mind taking orders from him. Leos are the most extravagant sender of all astrology signs.

You will find that a Leo Man is more ambitious than disciplined. He will leave no stone unturned to reach where he wants to be. And he craves for a relationship of his own. So, if he will be ready then he will be seriously involved. But if you both are ready then get ready to be loved like never before.